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Oranges from Jaffa

Oranges from Jaffa - A true story about the end of the golden age of Palestine

Oranges from Jaffa is the coming-of-age story of Nicolas Sayegh, a Palestinian »Tom Sawyer«, who together with his friends roams the sun-drenched streets of 1940’s Jaffa, this ancient Arab city fragrant with the smell of orange blossoms. Nicolas’ carefree childhood however comes to an abrupt end in the spring of 1948, when his family and many others have to flee, as Jaffa is surrendered to its new Jewish rulers. Oranges from Jaffa paints the life and culture of a well-to-do Palestinian family and Jaffa society as a whole, shortly before the occupation and the creation of the state of Israel, in a whole new way. A true story and a novel against oblivion. Written by Nicolas’s daughter.


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ISBN: 978-3-99001-625-1

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